Beerens Winkelinterieurs mission:

  • As a specialist both for retailers and manufacturers, Beerens Winkelinterieurs aims to play a significant role in the field of complete store fitting/interior design and displays in Europe.
  • Beerens Winkelinterieurs does everything for the client, from development up to implementation, with the best value for money on the market and true to our slogan “a deal is a deal”.
  • Beerens Winkelinterieurs aims to become one of the major players in the field of store fitting and interior design in Europe.
  • Beerens Winkelinterieurs  hopes to achieve this with our enthusiastic staff in a secure, efficient and service-oriented organisation with active attention to sustainability.

 Beerens Winkelinterieurs vision:

  • European retail is currently under pressure from online stores more than ever.
  • Retailers with physical stores are busy experimenting with new formulas bringing “clicks and the bricks” together, enticing customers with pure experience.
  • Beerens Winkelinterieurs doesn’t believe in either online or offline retail, but rather the future offering a blend of both.
  • Beerens Winkelinterieurs sees major opportunities for getting one step ahead of competitors with its expertise, creativity, experience and cost-conscious business culture.
  • Beerens Winkelinterieurs sees growth opportunities in the field of international discount retails with its BMS system. (Beerens Metal Shelving)
  • Beerens Winkelinterieurs sees growth opportunities in the field of customised furnishing in the hotel sector, care institutions, and project design.
  • Along with our motivated staff, we achieve our objectives by aiming to improve every day, and realising our clients’ wishes and requirements in a socially responsible manner.